Team Communication is the Heartbeat of Safe
and Quality Patient Care

HIPAA Compliant
ecosystem for Hospitals
and Clinics

Best and Easiest User Interface

Find yourself trying to figure out how to use or find a feature you need on most apps?

The days of confusing and frustrating medical mobile apps are long gone!

Medical PDQ user interface is simple and easy to use. No need searching each page trying to find the feature you need.

Medical PDQ can integrate with any EMR/EHR scheduling system

With Medical PDQ, send scheduled appointments to multiple healthcare workers simultaneously

Receive notifications from everyone you send appointment invitations 


Create Teams for Emergencies and better Patient Care

Customize teams for special emergencies: Heart Team, Ortho Team or Trauma Team

For Hospital Systems: Hospitals and Clinics

For Healthcare Providers: Doctors, Nurses, Techs

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