Team Communication is the Heartbeat of Safe
and Quality Patient Care

The Problem

Miscommunication is the number one cause of adverse patient, waste and service failure events. Most mobile and web applications do not involve the full “team”, they are mostly designed for the physician and the patient. This creates delays in scheduling and appointments, leading to frustration, medical errors and service failures due to a lack of timely and effective communication among the other healthcare providers that are involved with each service and appointment. 

Our Soluti​on 

Medical PDQ is a unique mobile healthcare app that provides smart communication and effective coordination that no other app on the global market offers. The app keeps the entire healthcare team involved with every task and appointment in real time. It provides quick communication that aids healthcare providers with planning and staff daily tasks and makes their day more productive, predictable and efficient. It prevents medical errors and harm due to miscommunication among healthcare providers. 

Medical PDQ is a software platform designed to improve communication and collaboration among healthcare providers. It allows providers to securely exchange patient information and communicate in real-time, which can help reduce errors and improve patient outcomes. Additionally, Medical PDQ provides tools for patient engagement and education, which can help patients better understand their health conditions and treatment options. By streamlining communication and promoting patient-centered care, Medical PDQ helps to address some of the key challenges in healthcare communication.

 Send scheduled appointments to multiple colleagues simultaneously

Receive notifications from everyone you send appointment invitations for end confirmations

Create Teams for Emergencies 
and better Patient Care

Customize teams for special ​emergencies: 
Heart Team, Ortho Team or Trauma Team

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