Team Communication is the Heartbeat of Safe
and Quality Patient Care

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Most Innovative Communication
and Scheduling App for 
Healthcare Systems


Patient Safety
  • Patient-centered communication
  • Improved teamwork and communication
  • Ensure patient safety for scheduled appointments
Reduce Costs and Prevent Loss of Revenue
  • Ensure proper communication with updates for scheduled (delays, cancellations) appointments
  • Establish teams to optimize patient care

Healthcare Worker Safety and Satisfaction

  • Ensure safe practices with end confirmation for communication and scheduled appointments
  • Build better cohesiveness with staff and workflow
  • Create better preparedness with staff as expectations change with real time communication

EMR, EHR and Custom Integrations

Interoperability And System Integrations

Medical PDQ can seamlessly integrate with existing healthcare systems, such as electronic health records (EHRs) and health information exchanges (HIEs) including FHIR and HL7 formats.This allows patient data to be exchanged between different providers, enabling coordinated care and reducing the likelihood of medical errors. Additionally, seamless interoperability and system integration help to ensure that providers follow the latest standards and protocols, to maximize patient safety.

Our platform has strong data security protocols in place, to protect patient privacy. This includes secure authentication methods, encryption of data, time-based access controls, and user authorizations. Medical PDQ ensures that the data is securely transferred between different systems.

Importantly, Medical PDQ is user-friendly and intuitive. This means that providers are quickly able to learn how to use the application, without extensive training. Our paltforms runs on multiple platforms, allowing for easy access for both providers and patients.

In summary, by connecting to existing healthcare systems, such as EHRs, EMRs and HIEs, data can be safely exchanged between different providers and connecting various components to create a single system making Medical PDQ is your all-in one platform.

Features that work with System Integrations

  • Send Emergency
  • Clinic Schedule
  • Surgery Schedule
  • Clinic/Surgery SchduleAlerts
  • Coverage Request
  • File Exchange
  • Group Chat
  • Messaging
  • Coverage Request
  • Colleague Invites
  • Consultation Request
  • Emergency Responses
  • Group and Team Creation
  • Notifications

Our Partners

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