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Medical PDQ

Medical PDQ is a Patent Pending, HIPAA-compliant platform to create your clinical/surgical calendars with details, create medical teams and bridge the communication gap of daily tasks, and eliminate the complexity of communicating and scheduling - providing a simple solution platform to increase your practice's profitability.

Our software service platform streamlines your workflow and may be customized to meet your specific needs. With Medical PDQ, you can spend less of your time making countless phone calls or text messaging to coordinate personnel and schedules. No matter the size of your practice or area of specialty, Medical PDQ is the solution for for better communication and profitability.

Our Story

Medical PDQ was created and developed in 2019 on the principle of simplifying management of your communication and scheduling  of your Medical Group, Practice and/or Hospital. Our journey started with understanding the complex issue of communicating that affects everyday effiency and profitability — a platform for mobile-centric scheduling and communicating solutions for clinics, hospitals and healthcare providers. 

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