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Medical PDQ is a HIPAA-compliant platform to create your clinical/surgical calendars with details, create medical teams and bridge the communication gap of daily tasks, and eliminate the complexity of communicating and scheduling - providing a simple solution platform to increase your practice's profitability.

Our software service platform streamlines your workflow and may be customized to meet your specific needs. With Medical PDQ, you can spend less of your time making countless phone calls or text messaging to coordinate personnel and schedules. No matter the size of your practice or area of specialty, Medical PDQ is the solution for better communication and profitability.
Medical PDQ was created and developed in 2019 on the principle of simplifying management of your communication and scheduling  of your Medical Group, Practice and/or Hospital. Our journey started with understanding the complex issue of communicating that affects everyday effiency and profitability — a platform for mobile-centric scheduling and communicating solutions for clinics, hospitals and healthcare providers. 

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Communication & Scheduling App

Bridging the Gap

What is it about? Communication and scheduling is the most challenging and frustrating part of the daily tasks of the healthcare professionals and patients. How do we know? We are healthcare professionals! 

Scheduling alone is NOT the solution to more profitability. The problem with trying to scale profitability lies within communication between the scheduled appointments - delays, cancellations, etc. For example, how many healthcare personnel are involved with the appointment? What communication tools do they have to keep appointments on schedule? What different positions do they have? Medical PDQ bridges the communication gap to assure appointments are on schedule with real-time communication, you can stay up-to-date with delays and other events that may arise in your day. 

Whether you’re managing a solo practice or a large collection of facilities, our platform is on a top security  cloud server to ensure your data is secure and meets all Hipaa Compliances.
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Benefits with using Medical PDQ

Patient Safety
  • Patient-centered communication
  • Improved teamwork and communication
  • Ensure patient safety for scheduled appointments
Reduce Costs and Prevent Loss of Revenue
  • Ensure proper communication with updates for scheduled (delays, cancellations) appointments
  • Establish teams to optimize patient care

Healthcare Worker Safety and Satisfaction

  • Ensure safe practices with end confirmation for communication and scheduled appointments
  • Build better cohesiveness with staff and workflow
  • Create better preparedness with staff as expectations change with real time communication

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Keep your staff up-to-date and have more control over the schedule

With features you can access communication with your staff in real time to improve patient care. All in all, Medical PDQ gives you the necessary tools to improve communication within your staff to establish a more productive day. ​Eliminate the frustration of scheduling your providers and managing your practice. Our platform gives you the features to make workflow for your staff as seamless as possible. Learn more about some of the features below:
  • Send Emergency
  • Clinic Schedule
  • Surgery Schedule
  • Clinic/Surgery Schdule Alerts
  • Coverage Request
  • File Exchange
  • Group Chat
  • Messaging
  • Coverage Request
  • Colleague Invites
  • Consultation Request
  • Emergency Responses
  • Group and Team Creation
  • Notifications

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