The REVOLUTIONARY App For Medical Professionals and Patients

  • New Emergency Team Notification System
  • Video Consultations With Staff & Patient
  • Consultation Requests
  • Scheduling
  • Create Your Own Specialized Teams
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Virtual Visits

Communicate with your nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant from the comfort of your home. In the event you are unable to leave your house for an appointment due to a serious injury or illness, or don’t feel it’s necessary to commute long distances for a quick check-in, you now have the ability to video chat and consult with your medical team or patients with Medical PDQ.


Stay Alert

Medical PDQ allows patients and doctors to communicate with their healthcare team effectively. Cross-check each other’s schedules to find a time to meet easily or keep track of important appointments with a simple click of a button. Medical PDQ is accessible from the convenience of your mobile device, and available now on both Apple App Store and Google Play.


Emergency Telemedicine

When seconds matter, alert your medical team easily with Medical PDQ. Doctors can view who on their team is readily available to help with an emergency or a patient can contact their physician immediately with an emergency chat from their home. Medical PDQ helps doctors and patients act quickly in order to keep everyone safe and healthy.


Download Medical PDQ

Medical PDQ is designed for streamlined communication to keep patients safe and healthy from the convenience of their home. Organize your team easily and stay alert for emergencies with a touch of a button. Download Medical PDQ by Agile Surgical Assistants LLC today.

An individual approach to each patient

Discover a better way to interact with Medical PDQ, a mobile communication application, to efficiently connect with your team of healthcare professionals. Whether you are a patient, doctor, or medical personnel, Medical PDQ is designed to help keep everyone connected from the privacy of their home.

Committed to Excellence

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