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Is Communication and Scheduling causing 

We asked healthcare professionals: Anesthesiologists, Physicians and Surgeons, CRNAs, Nurse Practitioners and others - 

"If you can change one thing in your work day to make your day more productive, what would you change?"

The first answer given was, "The way we communicate!"

Medical PDQ provides a safe, secured, HIPAA Compliant for healthcare teams to communicate and schedule with ease.

Continuing to use methods of Stone Age communication can put you at risk for a HIPAA violation and make your day less productive.
Personal Texts
Phone Calls

We designed our app to be secure and simple for real-world needs of healthcare workers.

There are a lot of medical apps that are confusing and difficult to navigate.

Medical PDQ has the best user interface amongst medical mobile apps, meaning that you spend less time searching for the feature you need to handle your tasks.

End the Frustration

Get your employees, colleagues registered on Medical PDQ today.

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