About MPDQ

Platform Overview

Communication and scheduling is the most challenging and frustrating part of the daily tasks of the healthcare professionals and patients. How do we know? We are healthcare professionals! 

Eliminate the frustration of scheduling your providers and managing your practice. Medical PDQ offers solutions designed to make your workflow as seamless as possible. Medical PDQ can be integrated via API or may be an EULA.

Whether you’re managing a solo practice or a large facility, our platform can handle your needs.

The Solution

A scheduling app is NOT the solution to more profitability. The problem with trying to scale profitability lies within communication between the scheduled appointments – delays, cancellations, etc. For example, how many healthcare personnel are involved with the appointment? What communication tools do they have to keep appointments on schedule? What different positions do they have?


Medical PDQ bridges the communication gap to assure appointments are on schedule with real-time communication, you can stay up-to-date with delays and other events that may arise in your day. 


Platform Overview









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